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Pennsylvania Act 235 Information




All Students must have a State Approval Letter in order to enroll in the Act 235 Class.

To receive an approval letter, the applicant must complete the following:

-Fingerprint & Background Check

Register online at:

Find Fingerprint Locations & Hours at:

-Psychological & Physical Examination

Completed at our facility (831-33 Ellsworth Street Philadelphia PA 19147)


Next Available Date

December 3, 2017 

(we accept cash or credit)

Pre-registration required
After the applicant has completed the Fingerprints/Background Check, Psychological, and Physical Examinations, he or she will then receive the Act 235 State Approval Letter.


After the applicant has received his or her State Approval Letter, he or she can sign up for the next available Act 235 Class.

(See Course Dates under Pennsylvania Act 235 Course tab)

What seperates us from the rest ?

1. Classroom, skills & tactical rooms, shooting range, and doctors examination room

Everthing you need to complete the process, in ONE convenient location!

2. All students enrolled in our program receive a private lesson for only $35.00,(normally $65.00)

3. All students enrolled can purchase a one year membership for only $80.00 (normally $175.00)

4. All students receive a "take home" study manual for the entire course

5. Two classes to choose from every month (weekdays or weekends )

6. Security company and group discounts available

Steps to Complete Online Act 235 Fingerprint & Background Check Application


1.    Go to


2.    Click on “Pennsylvania"


3.    Click on “Pennsylvania State Police – Lethal Weapons Training Program”


4.    Click on “LWTA Application”


5.    Click on “Basic Application”


6.    Read through directions then “Start Registration!”


7.    Complete Application


8.    Go to


9.    Click on “Fingerprint Locations & Hours”


10. Choose your county


11. Choose a fingerprint location most convenient for you


12.Click on the location you selected and follow directions